A range of managed services designed to change how security and essential services work.

Managed Services

VERIFSUITE™ is a range of technology-enabled Managed Services that radically changes how governments and businesses enjoy Security, Safety, and Essential services.

VERIFSUITE™ comes in a Security-as-a-Service model that puts customers back in control. Customers can focus on core business activities and be freed from disadvantages associated with conventional models.


Access for a New World

A centralized access control solution designed to work with either mobile devices or across different biometric systems without the need for in-house servers, perfect for managing access control points at single or multiple sites.


Video Offsite, Results Onsite

A smart video alert service that supplements the traditional use of manpower by providing off-site alarm verication & virtual security patrol operations with features like Video Analytics Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Video Guard Patrol.

VERIFSUITE™ Enterprise

Common Sense Enterprise Security

The enterprise security solution tailor-made to fit business operational requirements to allow scalability and flexibility, fully supported by Ademco’s dedicated technical specialists for system maintenance and upgrades.


Make Everything Work Easier

Supported by a licensed 24/7 Central Monitoring & Command Centre (CMCC) overseeing smooth security operations and ensuring prompt fault reporting, coordination, response, and action plan execution.


Practical Intelligence

A fully autonomous, multi-scoped MiDAS Drone is equipped with advanced A.I navigation and sensor technologies designed to execute real-time rapid wide area security patrol and intrusion detection operations.

Vertical Solutions


A cloud-based solution designed for gated communities and residential estates to improve management efficiency and ensure the safety and security of your abode.


Designed to provide comprehensive protection to your workplace, Verifsuite Office ensures that your business premises and buildings remain safe and secure for your employees and assets.


A ranged of security services harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and data to make urban living easier and safer for citizens, visitors and businesses alike.

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